Put on an event

We want to encourage all students to run their own Do Something Different (DSD) events. Organising and running your own events is a great way to build skills and to promote your club, society or peer support group. It also adds a great diversity and flavour to the DSD programme, there are so many students and we at the SU thrive on your creativity. For this reason, we have a team dedicated to providing support and potential funding to develop your ideas into Do Something Different activities. 

How do I submit my idea?

If you are interested in running your own DSD event, please fill in the application form below. This equips us with all the necessary information that we will use to advise and support you. Please provide as much detail as possible on this form and ensure you submit your application at least two weeks before the intended day of your event to allow time to review and promote your event effectively.  

We also need the event organiser to submit a completed risk assessment to ensure you are covered for health and safety purposes and you’ll also need to send in a jpeg image that will be used to promote your event via the SU and DSD website.  

Please send these files to dosomething.different@uea.ac.uk. We must receive a completed risk assessment at least one week before your event date, or we cannot promote your event online. Example risk assessment templates for your events can be found herePlease note that it is only necessary to send in a risk assessment for in-person events, if you are running an online event then please refer to the safety hub.

Please note that most events in the first semester of the 2020-21 academic year will have to be run online to be in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines. Your applications should reflect this. We will be here to support you in creating fun and engaging online events for other students. 

Online events can come in many forms, but here are a few examples:  

  • A webinar/demonstration via Microsoft Teams  

  • A video to upload to YouTube about your chosen topic I.E. make up or baking tutorial 

  • A conference comprising of various talks throughout an entire day/weekend (this will take time to organise as it is a large undertaking so please make sure you give yourselves and the DSD team plenty of notice and time before an event like this took place) 

  • A video stream where the audience can join in through the chat function, this could be done via Facebook, Instagram live or Twitch  

  • A meetup inside a multiplayer video game so you and attendees can play as a group. There are many games where this would be possible, for example an online ‘Pimp my Barrow’ happened via Minecraft at the end of the 2019-20 academic year.  


Ready to begin? Send us your idea by completing the application form below! Applications open 5pm Monday August 17th 2020!


You can also apply for up to £30 in funding to help you with getting equipment for your event. In order to get this funding, you must first apply for it and get a confirmation email from the DSD team. The funding will then be released to you after your event happens if you adhere to the following steps:  

  1. Let us know how many people attended your event – for an online event this would be the amount of people who came to/viewed your event, but for face to face event please complete a DSD register.   

  1. Take picture or video of your event (this can be in the form of screen capture if you are running an online event) 

  1. Keep the receipts/invoices for everything purchased for your event (photos of receipts are acceptable) 

  1. Send all these documents to dosomething.different@uea.ac.uk within two weeks of your event taking place. The sooner you send them in the sooner the funding can be released to your student group. Once the funding is released to your society, you can then raise a claim via the app for the money to be sent to the specific member who bought the products.

Funding requests for food and drink will not be confirmed unless it is culturally/thematically relevant to the event or you are expecting over 50 attendees. 

What happens next?

Once we have received your application, we will review it within three working days and contact you once we have made a decision. If your event has been approved we will add it to the Do Something Different Calendar for interested students to find. If the event details change at any point, please contact the DSD Team to update your information as soon as possible. 

To help us improve Do Something Different over time, we expect all DSD activities to report their attendance numbers to us (whether this is in the form of online viewing numbers or a physical register) and provide photo or video evidence of their activity. Doing this helps us to showcase the hard work you put into your event and give you the credit you deserve. This is particularly important if you are receiving funding for your event as any funding monies will not be released until we receive a register, receipts of purchase and photographs or videos of the event. 

Helpful Resources 

If you need help with various aspects of creating your DSD event, please see the relevant resource below. 

10 Steps to putting on a COVID Secure Event 

DSD Resource Pack