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Top 10 new Activities in the DSD Festival

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We're now only six weeks away from the Do Something Different Festival 2019!

In Week 6 (18th-24th Feb), students across UEA will have the opportunity to try out exciting new activities, skills and hobbies over an action-packed week. Favourites from last year; including UEA Sport's Extreme Sports, Krav Maga, public speaking training and PPL's language tasters; will be making a comeback, and will be joined by dozens of exciting new activities!

We're rounding up 10 of our favourite new additions to the 2019 DSD Festival programme. You can clcik each event for more information and to sign up!


10. Sashiko Clothes Upcycling 

New year, new look! Saskiko upcycling is a style of clothing that uses old clothes to patch holes, creating funky designs to have your friends in awe. This is a great way to snazz up your wardrobe for 2019 by upcycling your old clothes into new looks, or just creating your own from the materials available!  

Sashiko Upcycling takes place on Wednesday 20th in the LCR.


9.  Kitsune Fox Mask-Making 

It's always loads of fun to create something new and keep! Kitsune masks have a special place in the noh style of Japanese theatre, representing foxes as supernatural beings. This workshop gives you the chance to make your own mask, complete with all materials provided for you! Its the ultimate fancy dress for the next Damn Good night you go to!

Kitsune Mask Making takes place on Tuesday 19th in the Enterprise Centre. 


8. Photography/Photoshop Workshops 

Ok, this is cheating a little bit because this covers two workshops - one that helps you become a master photographer with a DSLR camera, and another with how to use Photoshop like an expert. But, we love how its an opportunity to head into scenic Norwich and its surroundings to take some incredible pics!

The Photography workshop takes place on Wednesday 20th and meets in the Music Centre. The Photoshop session is on Thursday 21st in the Music Centre. 


7. Splat Splat: Paintballing Trip

You asked for it in your feedback last year, and we're delivering! There's nothing to help you burn off steam than an afternoon of painting your friends in many different colours while capturing a fort. And when the price is subsidised AND includes free travel to and from the venue, this is not one to miss!

The paintballing trip takes place on Thursday 21st and meets in the Hive. 


6.  Escape Rooms Trip

If you've not tried an escape room yet, there's nothing stopping you now! You're locked in a room with your friends with the challenge of solving the puzzles as a team and breaking out before the time elapses! This year the Festival has two different sessions added at Norwich's own Cryptic Escape, where you'll be escaping from a haunted room, the curse of an old pirate or from the laboratory of a missing professor!

The Escape Rooms take place on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd, meeting at Cryptic Escape in Norwich. 


5. Future Leaders Experience 

Led by Careers Central, this is an amazing three-day workshop aimed at giving you confidence and leadership skills to prepare you for a future career of creating change. It even includes free trips into Norwich workplaces and lunches as part of the package! This opportunity is exactly what DSD is about - gaining new skills, having fun and getting an edge to life after uni! 

The Future Leaders Experience begins on Monday 18th in the Blackdale School building. 


4. Pottery Classes

What's better than being able to make, fire and glaze your own ceramic masterpieces? Doing it with 80% of the cost knocked off for you! This Festival has three different pottery sessions that give you the opportunity to make and keep your own stunning pots and slabs. 

The Pottery sessions run on Monday 18th, Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th in the BIO Building.  


3. Lightsaber Combat 

Duelling with lightsabers under a Jedi Master? Sign us up already! Each hour-long workshop will have you reliving all your Star Wars fantasies asyou learn to use your saber to duel another in a fun and friendly environment. You'll always have the high ground. Its a one-day only event, so make sure you get your tickets booked as soon as you can!

The Lightsaber Combat sessions take place on Friday 22nd in Congregation Hall. 


2. Adnams Brewery and Distillery Trip 

A day by the sea tasting some of the fine spirits and brews from one of East Anglia's most famous names! Not only will you get the chance to explore the brewery and distillery, but you'll have some time to explore and shop in the scenic Suffolk coastal town of Southwold. We've subsidised £17 off your ticket to make it cheaper for you as well! This is the perfect trip for any lover of fine drinks!

The brewery and distillery trip takes place on Friday 22nd and meets in the Hive.


1. Harry Potter Studio Tour Trip 

The place where one of the most iconic stories in recent popular culture came alive on the big screen, the Making of Harry Potter engages you in the props and sets unlike any other! This year, the Student Union is taking a trip there as part of the DSD Festival, and massively subsiding the price for you! This is a trip that will have you feeling the magic! 

The Harry Potter Studio Tour takes place on Tuesday 19th and meets in the Hive


For all the activities taking place in the Festival, including these and many others, see the Calendar here.

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