Winter Events

It's no secret that things are going to be a bit different this winter! Many events have already been cancelled but have no fear, there are still some lovely festive things taking place on campus and around Norfolk. Many are free, some have a cost attached. 


Craft events

Below is a calendar of this craft activities that DSD is running over the winter period. A mix of online, at home and inperson events, all of these are free to attend/take part in. Plese be aware that you will be required to pick up craft kits form the SU receptuon for some of these events. These should be picked up before 3pm on December 18th as that is the last day that the reception will be open before Christmas. 

Get Togethers

It has been hard to get together with your friends at all this year, but these events are here to promote just that. If you are part of the specified groups and want to get more involved with that community at UEA then check out the event pages on our main events page.

Films and Quizzes

Films and Quizzes have been a staple of socialising in the pandemic, but none of those were quite as wintery as these! And iwht two in person film screenings for Postgradauates and International students, these evnets are here to get you into the seasonal spirit.

Local Trip Ideas

There are plenty of fun activities handing in Norwich and Norfolk over the next month or so. Some are within walking distance of campus while others will take you a little further a field. We hope you find something to go to for a fun winter afternoon.  

At Home Activities

Now it is getting cold, you might be more interested in some activities to do at home wiht your housemates or family. Go to our main events page for more information if any of these promots interest you!