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FOCUS Pole Fitness Showcase


Monday 04 March 2019


7:30pm - 10pm


FOCUS Pole Fitness Showcase

Pole Fitness is back with another showcase - with performing members, guest acts, bar and food!

On Monday 4th March 2019, Pole Fitness will be presenting their showcase 'FOCUS' at the LCR from 7:30pm.

There will be a number of performances from our members, and some guest performances from other societies. This is a wonderful night for our new members and returning members to show off what they've learnt and achieved from their classes and practice throughout the year!

Tickets cost only £3 and can be bought online or at the LCR entrance on the night. Doors open at 7pm

With a 20-30 minute break halfway through it's the perfect opportunity to have a look at some of the food we'll be selling and the bar will be open too!

Bring all your friends for a fun night!

Pole love x