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Mon 23rd September

Armed Forces Society - Committee Meet and Greet
10am - 3pm
Come and meet the Armed Forces Society and learn about what the society and the UK Armed Forces have to offer for University Students!

Tue 24th September

Freshers' Fair - UEA Conservative Association
noon - 5pm
UEA Sportspark, Stall (insert number)

Fri 27th September

Sat 5th October

Sun 6th October

Port and Policy - UEA Conservative Association
3pm - 7pm
The Assembly House, Norwich
Join the UEA Conservatives for a traditional (but casual) evening of Port and Policy, at the Assembly House, Norwich.

Sat 2nd November

Wed 6th November

Trip to Parliament and CCHQ
8am - 9pm
The Houses of Parliament, Westminster

Sun 17th November

Afternoon Tea - UEA Conservative Association
3pm - 8pm
The Assembly House

Thu 5th December

Winter Ball - UEA Conservative Association
6pm - 11pm
The Assembly House, Norwich

Sat 7th December

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