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Mon 18th February

Excel Workshop - Introduction to Simple Calculations
11am - 2pm
ICTS 0.17
New to Microsoft Excel? Its thought that one billion people across the world use the program in their careers. Learn the basics in this interactive class!
Public Speaking Training
18th February 3pm - 22nd February 5pm
C.Hall 01.13
In 5 consecutive two hour sessions, you will get the tools on how to write a good public talk/speech and in hands-on interactive workshop you will increase your confidence and skills to become an engaging speaker!

Tue 19th February

Working in Development Forum
11am - 6pm
JSC 0.1
Ever considered a career in International Development? The School of International Development are hosting the Working in Development Forum on Tuesday 19 February, as part of the Do Something Different Festival.
Programming with Python
1:30pm - 3:30pm
Arts 1.04
Python is a popular and powerful programming language that is fun and easy to learn. It is increasingly used as a tool for data science, partly due to several excellent and powerful machine learning libraries such as TensorFlow, and other research.

Thu 21st February

National Science Museum Trip
8:15am - 6:30pm
Meet in the Hive
Hosted by Maths Society, take a trip to the National Science Museum in London in the Do Something Different Festival!
Advanced Programming with Python
1:30pm - 3:30pm
Arts 1.04
More programming with Python! Python is a popular and powerful programming language that is fun and easy to learn.
Learning Amharic: Ethiopia's Working Language
2pm - 3pm
ZICER 0.02
Learn how to write and speak Amharic - and discover a wealth of Ethiopian culture - in an interactive session full of practise, dancing and more!
True Stories Live - Autobiographical Storytelling
2pm - 5pm
Arts 2.84
True Stories Live present a workshop on autobiographical storytelling.

Fri 22nd February

Lego Maths
1pm - 3pm
Union House, Bookable Room 6
Do you like Lego? And do you want to get a different flavour of Maths? This is an interactive workshop and will be of interest to anyone who is interested in Lego or Maths!
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