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BLM Allyship – racism, unconscious bias and privilege


Wednesday 10 March 2021


3pm - 5:30pm


Blackboard Collaborate


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BLM Allyship – racism, unconscious bias and privilege

We are putting this workshop on for white students to develop a better understanding on issues such as racism (both overt and passive), privilege and how to become an active ally for our Black community. The workshop will facilitate a discussion between the group on different areas which are problematic and how we can actively try to change these. We will focus on what racism is in today's world, where this has stemmed from, what our own prejudice may be and how to actively change all of this. The session can be a bit uncomfortable because we question, as individuals, a lot of what shapes us as people and our way of thinking. But the session is incredibly rewarding as it's a safe environment in which we can learn from one another on what racism looks like and it's impact.

Once you book a space onto the workshop, you will recieve a reciept with the blackboard collaboration link in.

For any questions, please email alys.kimberley@uea.ac.uk.