Event Description

Swing Dance for Total Beginners: Class Three


Saturday 26 December 2020


2pm - 3pm


Swing Dance for Total Beginners: Class Three

Swing Dance Class for total Beginners!

Learn to dance St Louis Shag!

This very cool dance originated in St Louis, Missouri, in the midst of the swing era (1930s) and today be easily danced alongside Lindy Hop and Collegiate Shag. It can be danced to both slower and more up-tempo swing tracks. In this lesson, we will guide you step by step through some of the basic footwork giving you the skills and confidence to dance a short routine! Suitable for absolute beginners, all you’ll need is a buddy to dance with, a clear floor and a willingness to learn something new and have fun!

This class was made specifically for UEA students and will be viewable at anytime, but is premiering on our YouTube channel!