Event Description

Mindful colouring


Thursday 12 November 2020


10am - 4pm


SU Reception
Mindful colouring

Book a ticket then pick up your at home colouring pack from Union House, just head up to the main office and our receptionist will show you where to collect from.


Mindfulness means slowing down and taking a breath to pause and really notice what you are doing and collecting your thoughts together. It will take your full concentration to really be mindful, you have to relax and take your time with a certain task, whether that's just taking a few seconds to control your breath. Being mindful means doing the opposite of multi-tasking or rushing, it's all about focusing on one thing at a time and feeling calm and collected whilst doing it. To become mindful, it's important to remember that it will take a lot of practice to become better each time. This is because mindfulness involves training the mind, which can't be done overnight. The more your practice, the better you get.

A great way to practise mindfulness is to complete a number of exercises, which can help when you're stressed, have something difficult to do or when you have to focus your attention. Eventually, after practising mindfulness regularly, it will become natural in your everyday life.

Local illustrator Alice Lee has curated some beautiful colouring in packs for you to enjoy. Each pack comes with colouring pencils, so you can get started straight away. This is a relaxing and calming activity for you to participate in.

To pick up your pack simply go to SU reception in Union House betwween 10am and 4pm on a week day and show them your ticket. Reception staff will then collect your crafts and hand them to you.