Event Description

7 Wonders - No Travel??


Sunday 24 May 2020


11am - 2pm


The World
7 Wonders - No Travel??

Visit all 7 Wonders of the World from the comfort of your own seat!

So we all know we are stuck indoors but we think as the world looks ahead to a potential future we want to give you a little taste of what’s out there and experience some new things.

So what better way to sample all of this and try before you go than with a virtual tours of the 7 wonders of the world.  We have collated all of these into one event for you to organise an online hangout with your friends and take the travel time out and see the world from the comfort of your house!

So here goes:

  1. Hike the Great Wall of China
  2. The Mayan Chichen Itza in Mexico
  3. Trek Petra in Jordan
  4. Experience the Taj Mahal
  5. Experience the panorama’s and beauty of Christ the Redeemer in Rio
  6. Walk the route of Russel Crowe in Gladiator at the Colosseum in Rome
  7. Visit Peru’s Inca Machu Picchu

We know it’s not the real thing but it may just be the break you need from your current locale!

Enjoy, and there’s not many people that can say they’ve seen the Seven Wonders of the World in a day.

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