The Do Something Different Festival

“I got to try many varied activities that I would probably never take part in normally. All the events were interesting and I really enjoyed every single one of them!”

“I really enjoyed doing some activities that are not offered in societies and was a much better experience than previous years, where there was either a smaller range of activities or nothing at all!”

Do Something Different Festival 2018 Attendees 


Do Something Different is all about expanding your horizons beyond your degree. The Do Something Different Festival is the biggest event of the year for discovering new activities and skills!


This year's DSD Festival is 18th- 24th of February, 2019. 

Bookings are now open - click here to begin!


What you'll find here:


What is the Do Something Different Festival?Armed Stage Combat (Fencing Club)

The Do Something Different Festival is the opportunity for students to really go beyond their degree, discover new skills, try new activities and have fun - all without the normal constraints of lectures and seminars! Over a single week, we bring together unique and exciting activities from all across campus, all to help you get more from your time at UEA.

Where only a few UK universities run a similar week of extracurricular activities, UEA’s Do Something Different Festival is by far the largest. It brings together every different group on campus together in a single unique programme. From clubs and societies to the Sportspark and SCVA, the variety is as large as possible!


How did the Festival start?

In February 2017, UEA launched Do Something Different Week with 108 different activities for students to take part in, to offer students the chance to expand their skills  and push their horizons.

In the months that followed, the University and the Student Union agreed to partner together to improve the range and scope of the week into one that provided a massive range of activities that was accessible to all students at UEA. The Festival was born! 

Together, UEA and the SU created a programme of 217 different activities in February 2018 that were organised by students, staff and professionals services at UEA.

It was so successful, that as Do Something Different was renewed for future years, the Festival would remain the central feature of the programme.   


Why do we do the Festival?

As a whole, Do Something Different strives to help you develop skills and experiences that boost your employability, help you find new friends, and get much more value from your university experience.

While Do Something Different runs every day of the year, the Festival is a unique opportunity to go even further and do things that might not be possible at other times.

Without scheduled teaching, students have more freedom to take part in these activities, and allows us more flexibility to organise bigger and more ambitious activities that we can’t do at other times of the year! This means that you get more opportunities to do things that you've never done before!


What activities have been part of the Festival?

The Festival has seen some amazing activities so far, here are some of our favourites!

  • Zorb Football - A twist on the classic game, play against your friends while encased in an inflatable bubble.

  • Battlefield Archery - Paintball meets archery as you attempt to fire foam arrows at your opponents.

  • The Global Campaign Challenge - Over two days, teams of students attempt to solve one of the Millennium Sustainability Goals with the support of mentors and the United Nations.

  • Reaching Out - Students headed together into Norwich to deliver care packages to the homeless.

  • Trips to Norwich Castle and Cathedral - Both completely free, students were given the chance to explore two of Norwich’s most iconic locations.

  • Self Defence and Krav Maga - students were able to learn self-defence skills over two sessions throughout the week.

  • Language Tasters - Students picked form a wide variety, including French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Sign Language; all with unique twists that demonstrated the different cultures!


How do I get involved in the Festival?

There are two ways that you can get involved with the Festival. The easiest way is to take part in the massive range of activities happening during the week. Or, if you’re up to the challenge, you could run your own activity for students to take part in!


How to I attend a DSDF activity?

We’ll be starting to announce different Festival activities as soon as September 2018. All the activities as they are announced will be featured on this website, and announced via our social media.

All activities must be booked onto in advance due to high demand. Some activities can be attended on the day, but priority will be given to students that book on before.

We recommend that you book early to avoid disappointment. 

General bookings are open now.


How do I organise a DSD Activity?

We’re always looking for new and exciting activities that students can get involved in, and the Festival is the perfect opportunity to do this!Laser Tag

Anyone can organise a DSDF activity - from university and SU staff, to different clubs and societies.

Our team can help develop an idea into an activity, help you secure a venue for your activity, provide you with whatever equipment training you need to ensure you’re fully prepared, and even support you with funding towards your idea.

Applications for the Do Something Different Festival open in September 2018. To submit an idea, please click here. Applications will close in January 2019.  


Where can I find more information about the Festival?

We’ll be releasing more information closer to the time, but are more than happy to help you with any questions about the Festival or getting involved.

Please contact Chloe Platt (Do Something Different Administrator) with any queries.