What is DSD?


University is about getting a great education, trying new things and having fun every day!

This is the point of Do Something Different!

With the support of the University and delivered by the Students' Union, Do Something Different aims to spark your interests by bringing you the best activities happening all across campus and beyond. 

This year, the programme offers DAILY activities in a range of different areas - from games and sports, to free training and workshops that give new skills, trips outside of Norwich, and tasters in a new academic area. 

With our amazing range of clubs and societies already on offer we are now offering the biggest and best extracurricular programme ever done at UEA!

And the best part? Almost everything is free to attend! 


Where did DSD come from?


DSD came out of the partnership between UEA's Do Something Different Week, and the SU's Give it a Go programme.

In 2017, the two combined their efforts into a single programme with the goal of giving students the chance to try new activities, spark their interests and gain more value from their time at university.

Activities from the university and student union were joined by those from Careers Central, Sportspark, the Sainsbury Centre and more to create a single programme of events that offers a massive variety.  


What does DSD look like now? 


DSD commits to providing you with activities every day of the year, including at weekends and during the holidays. We look for create and interesting activities that can inspire you, on UEA campus, Norwich and beyond!

The best events of each week are shortlisted as our Headliners - the best of the best that we can't wait to share with you!