Fresher's Week 2018 Applications are now open!

Want to show off your club/society to all the new students in September? We're here to help you get off to the best start you can!

What I did in the Festival - Your DSD Stories

You all did so much during the Festival - here are your stories!


What's on Today

currently no events today!

This Week

Sun 24th June

Intensive Argentine Tango Workshops
24th June 3pm - 6pm
Blackdale School 0.08
New to dancing and about on campus? Why not learn to Tango Dance this summer!

Tue 26th June

Argentine Tango For Beginners
26th June 5:15pm - 7pm
Blackdale School (BDS) 0.08
Dust off your dancing shoes and learn to tango!

Wed 27th June

Wellbeing Fundamentals
27th June 2:10pm - 3:30pm
To be confirmed on registration